Sunday, November 28, 2010

My truly ugly afghan

Truly ugly afghan
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This is the scrap yarn afghan I made during the Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL. It's really awful. LOL I tried an experiment of grabbing yarn without thinking about color. This mess is the result. I went ahead and put it together because my husband likes it. At least it's nice and warm and probably indestructible. Anything this ugly will last forever.

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  1. Nancy, you made me chuckle with your post, but I have to beg to differ and go with your husband. I don't think it ugly by any means, hey its yarn and crochet for one thing and for another its a beautiful display of patterns and colors and a most wonderful stash buster. I don't know if you live in cold weather, but I could see being totally toasty on a cold winter's night, sipping tea and so content under this. Have a good evening.